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Flooring repair: Here's what you should know

by Benoit Real Estate Group ,LLC 03/20/2023

Flooring repair is a project many homeowners encounter during the life of a property. General wear and tear as well as more serious issues like moisture damage can require professional attention. 

While some small issues can be handled on your own for a bargain, most flooring materials come with considerable costs to repair and may require a professional. But how do you know what you’ll need to pay?

Here is some basic information about flooring installation and repair to help you plan for your home improvement and maintenance budget:

Floor leveling costs

Flooring surfaces often require leveling. When the flooring has been improperly leveled, it creates gaps. Sometimes it is possible to resolve the issue with the use of liquid self-leveling products similar to concrete. 

Alternatively, the floor can be replaced entirely to prevent damage. For more serious problems, it’s best to hire a structural engineer, as problems with flooring joints can cause severe damage to other parts of your home. 

Sagging floor repair costs

A sagging floor requires some of the same attention as an improperly leveled floor. Sagging can be caused by flooding or rotting of subfloor or floorboard joints. Luckily, subfloor related repairs are generally simple enough to DIY.

Bigger problems can have heftier costs, depending on the cause of the sagging. If you notice your floors sagging, the best thing to do is contact a flooring contractor to do a thorough inspection, which can save you money over time.

How do you fix rotten wood floors?

If your floors have damage from rot, you’ll need epoxy fill. Epoxy fill is a liquid material which hardens as it dries and can be used to patch rotten areas. Small rotten areas can be repaired with epoxy, but if you notice larger portions of your floor have rot damage, call a professional to determine your best course of action.

How much does it cost to replace damaged flooring?

Flooring repairs range in cost depending on factors including square footage, material and cause of damage. For carpets, hardwood floors, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring and tile flooring, you can probably expect to pay somewhere between $30 and $60 per square foot.

Cost of repairs can also depend on whether the flooring installation needs to be completely redone or just repaired in specific areas. A flooring contractor should be able to give you a quote based on the type of flooring and the damage to give you the best information for budgeting.

For more information about costs associated with different flooring materials and problems, consider contacting a flooring contractor or other professional. The more you know about potential issues, the better you can prepare for any eventual maintenance needs.